Our family company has been in the vinegar industry for over 100 years, and has specialized in the development and manufacturing of equipment for the vinegar industry since the early 1970's.

At that time, we developed an original aeration process for submerged fermentation.

This patented process is extremely successful because of its performance, simplicity and cost.

Later on, we became interested in improving traditional cooling techniques and to this end, we developed a multi-tubular heat exchanger that is incorporated in the aeration process.

Improvement was still our objective when we worked on the recovery of evaporation gases and implemented an efficient and profitable technique for the first time in vinegar production.

We have also broken new grounds with the ALCOOMATIC and its spectroscopy technology which has been thoroughly tested throughout the years and is proven to be both reliable and accurate.

We stand out as innovators as well as providers of original and reliable technical solutions in order to uphold the well-being of your vinegar plant.

We also offer:

  • Our laboratory's services for all kinds of experiment
  • Usefull accessories for the vinegar industry : transfer pump, mixer, lab equipment
  • Automatic preparation processes following recipes for example for: alcohol cuttings, musts' preparation before fermentation, vinegar dilution before bot> tling.
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