Recovery of alcohol and acid evaporations

Increase in yield rates

Efficiency unmatched by other techniques

Very quick return on investment

The evaporation of alcohol and acid during fermentation is the main reason for output losses.

With the GAZECO, we allow you to recover up to 90 % of your current losses.

The gas cleaning technique that we were the first to apply and develop in the vinegar industry makes it possible to recycle almost all of the alcohol and acid that pass through the exhaust pipes of your fermenters.

The fermention gas exhaust pipes of one or several fermenters are connected to the GAZECO which uses room-temperature water (no water cooling unit = energy savings). The GAZECO will enrich the water with alcohol and acid, which will then be recycled in the mash preparation.

From an economical point of view, the GAZECO quickly pays for itself because of the efficiency of our technology (recovery of approximately 90 % of losses), very low energy consumption and a low investment cost. This could very well be your best investment in a long time...

The GAZECO's economical advantage is also closely linked to its ecological advantage since once all volatile compounds, especially acid, are removed from fermention gases; they no longer have any effects on the environment.

  • Recycling system for evaporation
  • Increase of fermentation yield
  • Reducced VOC
  • Negligible energy
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